Engineering Department


      Over 25 talent and degreed design engineers follow Mold Design Standard to design best function, high productive and smallest size molds to meet customers requirment.

    We create and use Mold Design Review Standard to check mold design before mold design release to custom for approval.      

     Our engineering team uses Pro-E and Solidworks for 3D design; use AutoCAD for 2D molds layout. We set standard format like stp, igs, x-t for 3D files transition;  dxf, pdf, and jpg files for 2D. We create 2D mold layout for customer to review and approve; 3D mold model for you to view the mold 3D looks like before mold construction.

     We design and build English mold with DME mold base; build matric mold with LKM mold base.

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    Well trained quality engineers will attend mold tryout and use CMM for dimension layout. After customs approve samples, engineers will follow Mold Approval Standard to check mold quality before shipping.